Persona 5 Royal announced, Coming 2020 in the West

Japanese RPG powerhouse ATLUS formally announced Persona 5 Royal. The revamped ultra-stylish JRPG is going to feature tons of new content and features and will be heading towards western shores in 2020 while Japanese gamers get a head start this October. Check out the Japanese trailer!

ATLUS has been heavily teasing several games revolving around their latest premier franchise entry Persona 5. Now, we know what the “R” in Persona 5 R stands for. Royal. Similarly to how the PlayStation 2 classic Persona 4 received a great updated and enhanced PlayStation Vita port with Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Royal aims to offer an even deeper and more satisfying JRPG experience. It’s interesting that this new version is still coming out exclusively for the PlayStation 4 however. The same platform the regular Persona 5 released for.

Royal will be hitting Japan this October already with gamers here in the West having to wait until next year. As such, information is mostly in Japanese, and we’re thankful to Gematsu for their translations of the news.

New Character Kasumi Yoshizawa

Owners of the beefed up PlayStation 4 Pro should be delighted as Persona 5 Royal is going to take full advantage of the extra power and offer 4K presentation with enhanced and improved graphics. While very welcomed, it’s the gameplay additions that ought to catch the interest of gamers. Royal is going to feature an entirely new character with Kasumi Yoshizawa. The mysterious new girl will make for an entirely new dynamic during dungeon combat and social activities.

Other noteworthy additions is the new Confidant Takuto Maruki. As a school counselor, the dashing man will help player both in their school lives and against demons. Speaking of school, Persona 5 Royal is going to feature a third school semester which is no doubt going to enable deeper and new social experiences. There’s a lot more new stuff to discover in Royal, new dating spots, city locations, activities and more which you can read in detail in the article.

Whether the existence of Persona 5 Royal could mean subsequent ports for the Nintendo Switch or PC remain to be seen, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

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