Sea of Thieves gets free story-focused Shores of Gold expansion

Microsoft’s exclusive multiplayer open-world pirate game Sea of Thieves is getting a large new story content this month. As part of the Anniversary Update which is going live on April 30th, players of the pirate sandbox will be able to enjoy the new campaign Tall Tales – Shores of Gold. Check out the trailer!

Sea of Thieves is Microsoft’s successful multiplayer adventure game with a jolly pirate setting. The game launched last year in March exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows Store and slowly managed to win over the hearts of users. Not least because of developer Rare’s continuous post-launch support. As a service-type of game, it is to be expected but with many other service games (with much higher budgets), it’s still nice to see games be successful in this genre.

Grand adventures, vast riches to plunder, ancient secrets to uncover… stories of piracy and wild encounters on the waves. The Sea of Thieves is bigger and stranger than anyone knows. Tall Tales – Shores of Gold brings this pirate world into even more vibrant focus, leading you deep into long-lost legend and mystery. Are you ready to follow our trail of tales?

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold is part of such a content update and aims to deliver a meaty new campaign for players to enjoy either solo or with their friends in co-op. The story focused experience will feature an interconnected adventures with the goal of finding a mythical lost island. During this exciting journey new locations will be discovered and legendary loot found.

Of course, this adventure won’t be easy with new enemies like the Lords of the Sea will be trying to bring a quick end to any brave pirate. Don’t fret however, as new and old characters which you will meet on your travels will guide and help you.

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